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Monday, 22 March 2010

Other Reckonings - 22nd March 2010

  • Freethinking Economist on what can happen to someone who is uninsured in the US healthcare system.
  • Alex Massie hails the passing of Obama's healthcare bill as the most significant Democratic triumph in 40 years.
  • Victoria Coren writing on CiF fills us in on the rather unsavoury behaviour of The Jolley Gang. Not as jolly as it sounds.
  • The Media Blog is disappointed by the fact that Nigella Lawson is not fat and dirty as they had been led to believe.
  • LizW explains her dislike of the phrase "Temporarily able-bodied"

Monday bonus was brought to my attention by The Salted Slug. Comedian Doug Stanhope on why every single drug should be made legal. Viewer discretion is advised....


lizw said...

Thanks for the link!

Matthew Steeples said...

Here's an update on the Jolley Gang's latest activities: