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Sunday, 23 November 2008

ID Cards and Labour/Tories

I don't really understand why this government wants to bring in ID cards given their view on this when in opposition. It seems like within a short time of being in power, politicians completely lose touch with the real world and suddenly decide they know best with authoritarian policies using the fig-leaf of "Terrorism" or "National Security".

The thing that bugs me the most is that if Labour were still in opposition, they would be opposing these policies from the highest rooftop. I remember Labour’s response when Michael Howard proposed something along these lines in the mid 90's.

That same thing makes me worry about what will happen if/when the Tories get in. Sure they oppose them at the moment but I get the feeling that the opposition is soft and once they have a year or two of government under their belt, suddenly the ability to track everybody's movements will suddenly not seem so bad after all.

David Davis’s campaign a few months ago seemed designed to lock the Tories into their current position but frankly he would have been better off staying in the shadow cabinet to ensure this happens. Now he is on the political fringes and I think most people (including himself) think that this was now misguided as he is likely to remain there.

I am just grateful for organisations like NO2ID who keep the spotlight on this policy and are excellent at things like fisking releases from the government on this.

Norfolk Blogger also has some thoughts on how they are a new Poll Tax.

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