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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I am still not getting it

I promise to try and make this my last post on Labourlist. Alex Smith has complained that there is too much navel gazing going on within blogs and he has a point to an extent.

However, I just do not see the point of posts like this latest one on Labourlist by Glenis Wilmott MEP. It is not informative or interesting, it is just basically a Labour Party press release. That is not what I see blogging as being about. At all.

If Labourlist want to build up a proper readership base they need to stop this sort of pointless activity that seems to be based on the sort of relationship whey had with the media 15 years ago. It is out of date and serves no purpose.

Right, rant over. I am going to take Labourlist off my RSS feed now so I am not tempted to post about them again!

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Anonymous said...

Did you take them off your RSS feed yet? :)