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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Morrissey on the Falklands - Bigmouth Strikes Again?

Morrissey has waded into controversy again, this time telling an Argentinian audience that "everyone knows" the "Malvinas Islands" (known to most Britons as the Falkland Islands) belong to Argentina which strikes me as a rather miserable lie. I certainly don't know that.

It seems rather odd to me that someone who's got everything now feels able to advocate deracinating over 3,000 British citizens.

You might ask what difference does it make? Well I wonder if despite his regular intemperate outbursts he is not still quite widely listened to. The report linked to above rather paints a vulgar picture of an ageing star egging on anti-British sentiment.

I'm a republican myself but his other controversial move to have his band dress in "We Hate William and Kate" T-shirts also seems rather misguided. These things take time and the Royal family are still very popular. This is likely to remain the case long after the Queen is dead.

I suppose some might ask is it really so strange for a professional controversialist like Stephen Patrick to step into an issue like this but this night has opened my eyes to what a diminished figure he is in danger of becoming.

Perhaps on reflection he will be more careful in future and not let bigmouth strike again.

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