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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What if a Lib Dem minister votes for the boundary changes?

An interesting hypothetical question thrown up as a consequence of a piece from Isabel Hardman on the Spectator blog which mentions a "senior Lib Dem MP" who is quoted as saying that the Lib Dems should support the boundary changes.

Now I don't know for sure if this MP is in the government and it is not clear that even if they are they will not fall into line with their party but what if they decided to vote against the Lib Dem party line on this? Would they technically be in breach of anything? With the vast majority of government ministers (Conservatives) likely voting for the changes, wouldn't they just be another minister voting with most of their colleagues?

As we're in unchartered territory I'm not sure what the answer would be.

Other than Nick Clegg would doubtless be very pissed off!


WeTheCommunists said...

So, not only the conservatives, it looks like even his own party's MPs don't listen to Nick Clegg! Is it not time for Lib Dems to through him out? How much respect public will have on a leader who lied(Tuition fees signed document), not listened by coalition partner, or in fact his own party members? Is he the face Lib Dems would like to project? I doubt.....

Anonymous said...

Liberal Democrat MPs are expected to generally obey the party whip, and MPs who are frontbenchers are expected to always do so. This internal party discipline is separate from the collective responsibility imposed by the unwritten constitution on ministers.

Nick Clegg would enforce party discipline by having the rebellious minister expelled from the parliamentary party, or by demanding that Cameron advise the Queen to dismiss the rebel as no longer an acceptable representative of the Liberal Democrats, or both.