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Tuesday 17 September 2013

House of Comments - Episode 76 - 2013 Lib Dem Conference Special

Episode 76 of the House of Comments podcast "2013 Lib Dem Conference Special" is out. This week I was joined by Caron Lindsay and Nick Thornsby to discuss all things Lib Dem - live (well OK, recorded but you know) from the party's conference in Glasgow covering topics as diverse as fracking, Trident and porn filters.

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Simon Fawthrop said...

On Trident:

To say she would scrap it because she wouldn't use it, as Caron did, is sentimentalist mush. She and those with the same policy have no right to deny future generations the opportunity to use it because they wouldn't use it. She doesn't have a crystal ball and that is no way to come up with a long term policy.

However, Nick's hard headed argument that he doesn't believe that the cost is in the best interests of future generations at least has the merit of having some cost benefit analysis. It may be right and it may be wrong, only the future will tell, but at least future generations will know that whatever happens it wasn't soft headed thinking that got them in to the position they are in, whatever it is.