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Sunday, 27 October 2013

House of Comments - Episode 82 - The Brand Revolution

Episode 82 of the House of Comments podcast "The Brand Revolution" is out. Myself and Emma are joined by Conservative activist Charlotte Vere to discuss Russell Brand's revolutionary ideas, the Roma children scandal and Grant Shapps vs the BBC.

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PS: A big thanks to Audioboo for hosting the podcast for us. We would also like to thank Kevin MacLeod from for our theme music.

1 comment:

Bloke in North Dorset said...

Such muddled thinking on the BBC.....

"BBC World News is owned and operated by BBC Global News Ltd, a member of the BBC's commercial group of companies and is funded by subscription and advertising revenues." BBC akes its way in capitalist world markets, why not at home?

But what I really find strange is that two lefties seem comfortable with what is effectively a regressive tax. Go and read the moving stories on The Law West of Ealing of people being jailed for not paying their license fee and come back and support it.

I'm also against because we don't need it now. If, as BBC supporters claim, it is so popular then make it voluntary, they should raise enough cash. Furthermore, its distorting a market. There's plenty of good stuff out there and we don't need people being forced to pay for

Finally, I'm fed up with being told that I don't have to watch it, especially by smug callers on BBC phone ins (I listen to them very occasionally but less and less). They're right of course, but I do have to pay for it under threat of violence if I want to watch the myriad other stations.