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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

House of Comments - Episode 83 - The Royal Charter of Doom

Episode 83 of the House of Comments podcast "The Royal Charter of Doom" is out. Myself and Emma discuss the press Royal Charter, the living wage, energy prices and also whether we should be paying for MPs fuel bills on their second homes.

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PS: A big thanks to Audioboo for hosting the podcast for us. We would also like to thank Kevin MacLeod from for our theme music.

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SimonF said...

I commented on Emma's blog on this but since listening to you both I've done some more research and reading.

This is a good resource:

Of course there is the Living Wage Foundation:

And how the London rate is calculate:

But I'm still not convinced that the wage level is the problem and still agree with Tim Worstall at the ASI that this should be Tax Poverty Week:,

Its tax poverty that is the problem, not the amount being paid.