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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

House of Comments - Episode 89 - 2 Unlimited

Episode 89 of the House of Comments podcast "2 Unlimited" is out. Emma is back! Recovering well from her recent operation we discuss the recently floated "two child benefit and no more" policy from a close Cameron advisor, the gender pay gap rising and the BBC's policy on promotion and non-promotion of charities.

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1 comment:

SimonF said...

Family allowance: Nice straw man you built there. Still it gave you 15 minutes to rehearse arguments for a policy that Cameron says won't be implemented. Personally I listen to here you views on policies that are being implemented or have a good chance of being implemented, not too lefties rehearsing being anti Tory.

Gender pay gap: Women in public service get paid the same as men. Women in, say, engineering get paid the same as men. If the didn't the law would, quite rightly, come down on their employers like a ton of bricks.

Engineers are generally paid more than public servants. Just because more women work in public service and more men in engineering doesn't mean that there is a gender pay gap. It means that we value engineering more than public serve. That's a different argument.

Furthermore, the ONS has wrapped the knuckles of the Fawcett Society, and Harriet Harmen, for abusing those numbers. You should you use median pay not average pay.

Finally, for a better understanding read this: You will also find his latest post on the hard working poor quite interesting.

Poppys. As a Falklands Veteran (for want of a better phrase) and one time collector for the Poppy Appeal I agree 100% with mark. It has become a tyranny to the point that I don't bother to wear one most of the time, although I do make a substantial donation. Where I differ is that the BBC which is funded by a regressive poll tax does have a duty to commemorate Remembrance Day and their presenters should wear a Poppy on Remembrance Day.

LibDems: Am I the only person who is more likely to vote Lib Dem because of the way they have performed in office, notwithstanding the issue over secret courts? Apart from that idiot Davey at Energy, who seems intent on impoverish us all, most seem to have taken a pragmatic line between ideals and the reality of Government. But then I'm a social and economic liberal and there aren't many homes for us so any straw in the wind will do.