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Thursday, 26 February 2015

House of Comments - Episode 119 - You Say Avoidance I Say Evasion

The latest House of Comments podcast is now out.

This week I am joined by former Lib Dem activist Sara Scarlett to discuss tax avoidance/evasion, Peter Oborne's resignation from The Telegraph and how enlightenment values or the lack of them can play a part in extremism.

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Tom said...

On the question of avoidance or evasion, I think the point is often missed they are just conventions to describe legal and illegal conduct, and although they could be entirely separate activities, they are not necessarily always all that different.

A consequence of that convention is that it could well be the case that the press need to describe a particular scheme as 'avoidance' for libel reasons. The mere fact that a scheme is described as avoidance, does not definitively prove that it is legal.