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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A few election media things

I'm going to be making a few media appearances over the next few days.

Firstly, on election night from 1am through to about 7am I will be on a panel on BBC Radio Kent broadcasting from the count in Margate where South Thanet, the seat that Nigel Farage is hoping to win will be decided. The host is the excellent Julia George and should be good fun.

Also, at some point during the night I will be speaking to Dan Snow on his Unelection show. This is an interesting media experiment which will be broadcast live on YouTube using crowdsourcing to cover the election night story as it unfolds for 5 hours+. As the producer Nathan Williams has said to me, universal swing (that Dan's father Peter Snow is so closely identified with) is essentially gone in the multi-party age and the show will reflect that. It's nice to see the baton of election night coverage being passed on to the next Snow generation.

In amongst all of this I will be trying to grab 5 minutes here and there with various people to record some snippets that I will then edit together as a special House of Comments.

On Sunday morning I will be on BBC London 94.9 on their breakfast show to discuss where we are with the post election discussions.

And finally on Tuesday evening from 10pm - 11pm I will be on Vic Morgan's show on BBC Radio Devon, Cornwall and networked on a few other stations to discuss how the land then lies. Who knows, with a bit of luck we might even have a government by then!

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