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About Me

My name is Mark Thompson. I was a Lib Dem member and activist for several years but since November 2013 I am now not a member of any party. I blog about UK politics primarily but also anything else that takes my fancy.

Two of my most famous blog-posts to date are these two from May 2009 entitled: "Has our electoral system contributed to the MPs expenses scandal?" and "MPs Expenses and safe seats correlation - update" where I crunched the numbers and discovered an apparent correlation between the safety of an MP's seat and the likelihood of them having been involved in the expenses scandal. I also got a lot of coverage online and on rolling news for this blog post entitled: "Lib Dems should take the Tory deal" from 11th May 2010 the day before the coalition was formed.

I have appeared on BBC Radio 4, the BBC News Channel, Sky News, BBC2's The Daily Politics and regularly appear on LBC, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC local radio as a political pundit.

I also co-host a weekly podcast House of Comments where I discuss the week's political issues with regular and invited contributors from the world of blogging and politics.

I am a co-founder and director of Southfacing Services Ltd, a company which deals with energy efficiency in buildings and produces computer software for this market too.

You can contact me by e-mail at