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Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Predictions for 2009

Here are my predictions for the coming year:

  1. Gordon Brown will not call a general election this year. I do not think he has the courage and he will run down the clock.
  2. Labour's poll ratings will nosedive again in the first half of the year as the recession really starts to bite. They will not recover.
  3. Peter Mandelson will be out of the cabinet again within the next 12 months.
  4. Ireland will again vote "No" in the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
  5. DD will be back in the shadow cabinet but not as Shadow Home Secretary.
  6. Lynne Featherstone will be promoted to a high profile role on the Lib Dem front-bench.
  7. Eddie Mair will become the new host of Question Time.
  8. Jonathan Ross will leave the BBC.
  9. The US will make great strides in shifting their economy to low carbon.
  10. Solid state hard drives will start to become standard in laptops by the end of the year.

Happy New Year!

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