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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Other Reckonings - 11th Feb 2009

  • I heart Ben Goldacre. Platonically.
  • Fraser Nelson from off of The Spectator questions Brown's 500,000 vacancies figure. It always sounded suspect to me.
  • John Prescott has now got over 25,000 people to sign up to his "Give up the bonus" campaign. He really seems to be embracing the campaigning possibilities of the new medium in a way that most of his colleagues just don't get. Fair play to him.
  • TDPF have a run down of the coverage in a big week for drugs stories.
  • Dale-o (as he doesn't like to be called) has allowed Peter Hitchens a guest post on his blog to rip into him. Not sure this was a good idea. Hitchens already has the bully pulpit of his Mail column. Does he really need further outlets for his poison?

And this last one is not a recommendation, in fact it is the opposite. Here is Ed Balls on LabourList showing exactly what blogging is not supposed to be about. It might as well be a Labour Party press release bashing the Tories and at the same time trying to lure them into a blatantly obvious political trap with bogus calls for "consensus". I am almost at the point where I will stop reading LabourList soon as it is just not entering into the true spirit of blogging at all.

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