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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Other Reckonings - 8th Feb 2009

I will try and post links to what other bloggers reckon about stuff and that I have found interesting regularly here. I will likely focus more (although not exclusively) on non-Lib Dem ones as most readers of this blog are more likely to have seen other Lib Dem blogs anyway. Here's the first lot:

  • Skipper thinks Osborne is doing a better job at lambasting the bankers than Darling.
  • Tory MP Douglas Carswell reckons that England is starting to get angry about the state of things. I am indeed angry about some of what he says.
  • John Prescott is trying to get a campaign off the ground to prevent bonuses being paid to bankers on "Go Fourth". I would sign it but I don't want to be associated with trying to get Labour elected for a fourth term!
  • John Jackson on Open Democracy asks if David Milliband has breached the rule of law.
  • Mark Wadsworth reckons that a climate of fear is being created.

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