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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Fawkes vs Draper - but which one is best?

Only one way to find out...


On a more serious note, neither of them covered themselves in glory in that discussion. Draper was his usual hectoring aggressive self (and was even inconsistent at least twice contradicting himself). Staines did not do well either. That is the second time I have seen him being interviewed now (the first time being his infamous Newsnight appearance) and he does not come across well as an interviewee.

There was also too much blogocentric talk referring to people and things that only bloggers and Westminster insiders would understand. I doubt many non-blog involved people will be rushing to find out more about political blogging on the strength of this.

I did like it though when Neil shouted at Draper to "Shut up!". It's about time someone did!


Oranjepan said...

Did you like Staine's 'Berkeley' t-shirt? That was guaranteed to wind Draper up!

Mark Reckons said...

Ha! I did notice his T-shirt but had not realised the implication of it until you just pointed it out!

Staines is a funny bastard but his "Plague on all your houses" approach (he actually said yesterday that he hates all politicians) is actually dragging politics down I fear.