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Thursday, 5 March 2009

What's the point of this commission?

I just heard Ed Balls on PM on Radio 4 talking about social workers and bemoaning the fact that the turnover rate is very high and the retention rate is very low. Apparently people go into the profession, stay for a few years and then leave. Balls apparently wants to know why this is an has set up a commission to report on it.

Later in the interview he pointed out that social work is a thankless, dangerous job and whereas fire and police officers may end up on the front cover of the paper for having sone something good or courageous, social worker's good work goes unnoticed and it is only when things go wrong (as they have recently) that they get publicity.

So why doesn't he just get on with addressing these issues seeing as he evidently knows what the commission is going to say. It seems to me that yet again the government has commissioned this report which will tell them the bleeding obvious. What a waste of money.

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