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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Mark Reckons is one year old

Yesterday, this blog passed a milestone. It is now a year since I did my first blogpost as a Lib Dem on here. It was about the BNP leaked membership list by the way and was entitled "BNP List - My Thoughts" and according to my analytics, 4 people read it.

I'm happy to say that the readership has picked up a bit since then and I am very grateful to the more than 40,000 people who have visited this blog in its first year reading over 80,000 pages. The idea that I would get so many people visiting and reading my posts would have seemed improbable to me a year ago and I would also like to thank everyone who has linked to me, tweeted links to me etc. in the last year.

My top 5 posts out of the almost 600 that I have done since I started are:

  1. MPs Expenses and safe seats correlation - update / Has our electoral system contributed to the MPs expenses scandal? (I've lumped these two together as they were on the same subject. These posts were what started getting me widespread attention from the blogosphere and some in the mainstream media)
  2. I attended Andrew MacKay's meeting and I think his position is now untenable
  3. "Commentariat vs Bloggertariat" event review - #eiblogger
  4. Fascinating research into public perception of the drugs issue
  5. Daniel Hannan's opponents are using playground tactics


(Hattip to Aquafornia for the picture. That was their actual first birthday cake for their blog last year! I might buy one later if I get the chance...).


Byrnetofferings said...
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Thomas Byrne said...

Happy Birthday Mr Reckons. :D

marcuscleaver said...

Happy Blogging Birthday xD

dazmando said...

Happy Birthday Mark Reckons. Nice cake although im not sure about the Tory Rosette on the cake

Stephen Glenn said...

Well done on making the one year milestone Mr Thompson. And well done getting recognised nationally without the aid of a by-election on your doorstep, like I did in my infant month of blogging.

I'll be celebrating five with the aid of A.A. Milne after the General Election.

Kalvis Jansons said...

A very impressive first year. However, you have now got to keep up the standard long term.

The two blogs that I read the most is this one, and GF's, and yours is winning. I will report again next year. :)

Happy Birthday Mark "Reckons".

Mark Wadsworth said...

Happy Blogday.

Stephen Tall said...

Many congrats, Mark, on your milestone!

Unknown said...

Nice one Mark. I have been looking your blog up regularly since I was told about it. I always check out the QT comments on a Friday (no internet at home!). Keep up the good work mate.

Mark Thompson said...

Thanks all! I'm having olive and parma ham pasta with Buffalo mozzerella to celebrate.

How middle class am I!?