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Monday, 16 November 2009

Sir Jeremy Bagge: "Women, Know Your Limits!"

OK, he didn't quite say that but the recent comments from Sir Jeremy Bagge frontman for the Tory traditionalists in Norfolk South West (who are trying to get Liz Truss deselected later today) about women reported by Benedict Brogan here are pretty close to the classic Harry Enfield "Women, Know Your Limits" sketch.

Here's what he said in an attempt to show he is pro-women:

Sorry, no, I have never said I’m anti-women. I have got absolutely nothing against women. Who cooks my lunch? Who cooks my dinner? How did my wonderful three children appear? Women, you can’t do without them. My god, take my wife.

He was then asked what she does for a living:

What does she do? She looks after me. Looks after the children. Runs the house.

Good luck today Liz...


Letters From A Tory said...

And what is wrong with a wife foregoing her career to look after her family?

Be very careful you don't start morphing into a girl-power feminist. His wife has made a perfectly reasonable lifestyle choice and should be congratulated, if anything, for putting her family first.

Mark Thompson said...

I thought this post might attract comments like this.

There is of course nothing wrong with it. However to make these sort of comments just before a re-selection meeting that has been triggered under circumstances where accusations of sexism have been made was unwise to say the least. It also seems to be an odd way of stating he is "pro-women". I'm clearly not the only one who thinks so - is Benedict Brogan a girl-power feminist?

Also, posting this was at least in part an excuse to link to that Harry Enfield sketch!

subrosa said...

For gawd sake someone take his wife! She deserves a better fool than this one.