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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Devil's Kitchen and Will Straw on House of Comments Podcast - Episode 9

The first "House of Comments" podcast of 2010 with myself and Stuart Sharpe of the Sharpe's Opinion political blog is now live. The website for the podcasts is here and the ninth episode which we recorded on Monday 4th Jan is available to download via this page here (raw mp3 file here if you prefer). You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here.

The format is to invite one or two other political bloggers each week and discuss a few of the stories that are making waves in the blogosphere.

This week we were joined by Chris Mounsey from Devil’s Kitchen and Will Straw from Left Foot Forward and covered the #KerryOut campaign, climate change, full body scanners at airports and profiling of terror suspects.

If you are a political blogger and would like to participate in the future, please drop me an e-mail (address in the sidebar near the top of this blog).

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