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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Lib Dems give best value for money during elections

Duncan Stott has produced a brilliant little graphic which succinctly highlights how cost effective the Lib Dems are at fighting elections compared to Labour and the Tories using 2005 election figures and spending totals and relating it to how effectively the party would spend taxes:

I think Cowley Street would be well advised to include a version of this message in their planned advertising campaign for the upcoming election.


dazmando said...

This would be an Inspired Poster

Steve said...

The idea the Lib Dems spending money on posters boasting about how little money they have to spend on posters... seems a little odd! But I can certainly understand the logic behind it.

There's an interesting post regarding funding here: (from the run up to the Euro elections).

Cardinal Richelieu's mole said...

I might like to vote for someone who spends nearly 3 times as much as another winning my support!

Letters From A Tory said...

I always knew the Lib Dems were a bit cheap.


Richard Gadsden said...

Need to lose the trademarked Which? logo

The Great Simpleton said...

All this shows that there are probably diminishing returns in election spending.

If you can get another 3m votes at the same cost then I would be impressed.