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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

My radio show tonight at 8:30pm - FOI/Grayling and Lib Dems 6 months on from the election

On my Music Mill FM show tonight from 8:30pm:

I'll be speaking to media expert Paul Blanchard about the changes that the government are currently planning to Freedom of Information. In particular we'll be focusing on some comments that Justice minister Chris Grayling recently made about how FOI requests are apparently being “abused” by journalists.

Then later we'll be joined by Lib Dem activist and former parliamentary candidate Kelly-Marie Blundell to discuss how her party is now doing six months into the new parliament. With their number of MPs reduced from 57 to 8 are they still an effective force? Is the electorate perhaps starting to think they've had enough of a kicking and are starting to listen to them again?

If you want to listen live the best way is either to find "Music Mill FM" on the TuneIn Radio app if you have a mobile device or via this link from a browser.

If you want to get in touch during the show I'm on twitter @MarkReckons – you can tweet your thoughts about today's topics or anything else. You can also e-mail me on either during the show or if you're listening to the podcast version any time afterwards.

I will also be uploading a recording of the show to the House of Comments podcast feed in the next day or two as usual.

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