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Monday, 2 February 2009

25 Random Things Meme

Right, well Stephen Tall from LDV has tagged everyone on the LibDemBlogs aggregator to list 25 random things about themselves.

Apparently I am supposed to tag 25 more people but seeing as if everyone did that, in about 7 generations (25 to the power 7), the entire population of the world would have been tagged I think I can safely not do that.

Here are 25 things about me if you are at all interested:

1) I was on Question Time a couple of years ago and had a brief rant about John Prescott.
2) I have not drunk any alcohol since the year 2000.
3) I have been in several amateur dramatics plays and the lead in a couple.
4) I once stuck a small piece of chewing gum on the windowsill of Jack and Vera's house in Coronation Street at Granada Studios and it was visible on the programme for a number of years afterwards.
5) I have a degree in computer science and maths.
6) I part own and am a director of my own software and building design company.
7) I can juggle three balls (many patterns) and four balls.
8) I have only not voted once when a family emergency took me away from the locale of my polling station at short notice.
9) As a child I produced a cartoon strip called "The Little Sheriff" which ran for over 200 episodes. Some of them were published in the school magazine.
10) I have been friends with two different people called Steven McLaughlin and they have both died (one aged about 18 and the other about 28).
11) I once got Bob Mortimer's signature on a Big Mac box.
12) I think Mark E Smith is a genius.
13) I have walked on a glacier and it was one of the best experiences of my life.
14) I had many contributions read out on the Mark and Lard Radio 1 afternoon show.
15) I have moderate vitreous floaters in my left eye.
16) I can recite the alphabet backwards and in the order of a QWERTY keyboard.
17) I used to be a massive fan of Prisoner Cell Block H when I was a teenager.
18) My favourite film is Trainspotting.
19) My favourite song of all time is Pure by The Lightning Seeds
20) I can't do a convincing Geordie accent.
21) I once wrote to the BBC when I was a kid to ask if I could go on Grange Hill. They politely declined.
22) I am fascinated by things relating to TV of the past e.g. continuity announcments, ITV regional idents, IBA start-up sequences. It came as a surprise to me as I was growing up that hardly anyone else is interested in these things.
23) Between 1992 and 2004 I moved house 13 times.
24) I appear to have a very similar vocal range to Morrissey,
25) My hand hurts.

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