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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wasting time?

My colleague Oranjepan from Reading List has passed on some information about a consultation regarding recycling for businesses in Central Berkshire. It encompasses Bracknell Forest where I live and also Reading where I run a business from.

I have to say that any movement in this area is welcome but it has taken long enough! We have run one of our offices in Reading for a year and a half and when we first moved in we discussed at length with the office management company about recycling and were told that there were no facilities. At all. Latterly, the management company itself has implemented an informal paper recycling scheme but anything else like plastic bottles, cans etc. are our own issue. It would be easy to just put them in the main waste (which goes to landfill) but I collect up the plastic bottles and take them home every few weeks to put in our domestic recycling system. This of course has been far from satisfactory.

Another point I would like to make is that as a director and manager of a company slap bang in the middle of the affected area, I have not heard anything about this consultation. I only know about it through my Lib Dem contacts as I am an activist. Most people are not however and therefore as the publicity about this seems to have been low to non-existent, I expect they will get very little feedback and people will be unaware of it. They need to publicise this sort of thing much more widely.

Anyway, as we have been waiting so long for something like this, my feedback is to get on with it!

Councillor Glenn Goodall has also posted on this here.

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