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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

"Information sharing orders" are not dead after all

It seems that "Information sharing orders" are back baby. They seem to be like a zombie at the end of a cheap B-movie. You think it's dead but then just as you relax your guard, it's up and shuffling towards you murmuring "uuh-uhh-uhh" or similar and then trying to eat your brains.

Matt Wardman has the full low-down on this via Ian Cuddy. It is coming back in the form of an "Integrated citizen's record" which will "track every interaction of every citizen with government and trigger automatic alerts to other databases on any change." Sound familiar?

Looks like we will need another campaign to try and squash this latest incarnation like last time. I will be interested to hear what Lib Dem (and the supposedly newly liberty clothed Tory) politicians have to say about this.

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