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Tuesday 3 January 2012

My Predictions for 2012

Here are my predictions for the coming year:

  1. HMV will go bust.
  2. A currently living former Chancellor of the Exchequer will no longer be with us by the end of the year.
  3. Barack Obama will win reelection with an even higher percentage of the vote than in 2008.
  4. Chris Huhne will leave the cabinet.
  5. David Laws will rejoin the cabinet.
  6. Kate from off of Teh Roayls will announce she is pregnant. The media will go loopy at the prospect.
  7. Mo Farah will win Gold at the Olympics.
  8. Pointless will be promoted to prime time TV (i.e. after 7pm) with increased prizes to match.
  9. By the end of the year Yvette Cooper will be leader of the Labour Party.
  10. In a shock move I predict that Eddie Mair will become the new host of BBC Question Time. For the fourth year running.

Merry New Holidays people!


BobRocket said...

1. HMV going bust is a possibility but I think RBS have too much exposure to the landlords to allow it to happen so some sort of debt for equity deal is more likely.
2. Unless Obama can have a quick and easy war (Grenada anyone) then I think he will be toast.
3. Huhne will have to go if he is arrested (depends if he can convince someone else to take the blame :)
4. Laws, maybe
5. Who is Kate and what is Teh Roayls ?
6. Are the Olympics on ?
7. Prime time TV is Pointless
8. No surprise if Yvette did get the job, it wouldn't make Labour any more electable though
9. Bang on with that one, this year, next year or the one after that...

Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

Ok, if Kate is going to get preggers, it won't be till the end of the year as she'd be in trouble if she took the limelight from the Queen in her Jubilee year. Also she, Will and Harry are Olympic ambassadors. I predict we won't see their firstborn until at the very earliest May 2013, probably later.

LAdy Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

1. Yes
2. No - he may get re-elected but it will be with a lower vote if it happens. If the Republicans had anyone with reasonable credibility he would be in deep trouble. Obama has been a poor president - if he had followed a strong president like Clinton or Reagan his weakness would have been even more apparent.
3. Yes - hopefully with a jail sentence later in the year.
4. No - most people think he is a thief who has not been punished. Clegg's popularity isn't great anyway so can't see why he would tarnish the Lib Dems further.
5. 50-50
6. Probably - but will not be watching the 2012 festival of corruption and drug taking.
7. Don't even know what it is and care even less.
8. Labour MPs are too spineless nd even if they did sum up the collective will Cooper wouldn't be much better.
9. QT is a joke - they might as well let Jonathan Ross or Graham Norton do it.

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Missed the chancellor one - Healey is 94, Howe 85 and Lawson 79 so it is eminently possible.

asquith said...

I predict that you will be wrong with regard to the Labour leadership, and Miliband will still be in place, opposing a coalition that will still be there. (Those who predict that the government will collapse are generally guilty of wishful thinking imho).

Anonymous said...

No prediction about unemployment, then again Lib Dems don't really want to go there.

It is easier to predict then defend government policies.

Mark Wadsworth said...

6. I thought that Kate out of Teh Roayls was already up the stick, or was that a different Kate?