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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

So Cameron talks to Blair. I should bloody well hope so!

The "news" has been reported today that David Cameron has talked to Tony Blair on the phone about affairs of state and running the country on 8 occasions since becoming Prime Minister.

Why this is considered worth publishing in a newspaper is beyond me. There are very few people who understand what it is like to be PM. Cameron should consult widely and the expertise and experience of the longest ever serving Labour Prime Minister who only stood down 5 years ago is very valuable to the current holder of the office.

Running the country is not a game. It's deadly serious and the more advice Cameron can solicit from those who appreciate what it is like to be in his position and having to take those decisions, the better as far as I am concerned no matter which party they are in.

Frankly I would say the bigger story here is that he has only spoken to him on average once every three months.

I would have expected it to be more often than that!

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Unknown said...

Thank you for another news article. I'm really excited I was able to find this article, since so many of the blogs Ive been reading have misleading info.

Bruce Bent ii