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Thursday, 10 December 2009

BBC Question Time Live Chat - 10th December 2009 - #bbcqt

It's #bbcqt day again and as usual the Live Chat on this blog will start tonight at 10:30pm.

The show is coming from Wootton Bassett today, the Wiltshire town which has become the national focus for honouring our fallen soldiers.

The panel will include the former head of the British Army General Sir Richard Dannatt, the Minister of State for the Armed Forces Bill Rammall MP, the shadow foreign secretary William Hague MP, the former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown, the former newspaper editor Piers Morgan and the Respect Party's Salma Yaqoob.

I cannot make the start of the chat tonight, I will however try to join in later on if I can. Dazmando from Bracknell Blog will be in charge of proceedings in my absence. Play nice!

Join him from 10:30pm below.

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dazmando said...

Best bit on this chat was ceedee comment at the end.