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Monday, 26 November 2012

House of Comments is back baby!

We have relaunched the "House of Comments" podcast.

Some of you may recall that for about a year from 2009 to 2010 myself and Stuart Sharpe used to host a regular(ish) podcast where we discussed politics and other issues that were being debated in the blogosphere with one, two or three blogger guests each week.

Well it's back! With a slight change though. Stuart is no longer directly involved with the podcast having hung up his blogging boots some time ago. Instead I will be regularly joined by my new co-host and old friend Emma Burnell who blogs at Scarlet Standard.

I am a Lib Dem and Emma is a Labour member so we will have guests on from time to time, primarily from the right to try and balance things out a bit but sometimes it will just be me and Emma debating politics and current affairs.

We are maintaining the numbering from where the previous incarnation left off so Episode 38 "UKIP if you want to" was recorded yesterday evening and is out today. This week we cover the UKIP members Rotherham fostering case (and hypothesise about how it would have played out if they had been BNP members), sexism in politics following recent comments by Nadine Dorries and try to predict what the Leveson report on Thursday will recommend.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here (note - this is a new feed so if you used to subscribe you'll need to do so again).

Other podcasting software e.g. for Android can be pointed here to subscribe.

You can download the mp3 for the latest episode directly from here.

Or you can listen to the embedded episode below here:

If you are a political blogger and wish to be considered as a future guest please drop me an e-mail at

Any feedback welcomed in the comments below.

PS: A big thanks to Audioboo for hosting the podcast for us and especially to Audioboo's James O'Malley who has helped us out getting relaunched. James is also editor of The Pod Delusion podcast which is about "interesting things" and is well worth a listen too!


martijn said...

Great to see the return of this podcast! Interesting discussion and already looking forward to future episodes. Nice to hear the opinion of well-informed people who don't hold a political office and thus can speak more freely. Already beats the BBC in that respect.

One thing: the podcast is rather long, something it shares with most podcasts that aren't broadcast on the radio. If you could cut it down to half its size and agree to disagree on certain topics, it may be even better. But even at 50-odd minutes I'll continue to listen.

Jonathan Sheppard said...

You bunch of lefties welcome back ;o)

Simon said...

Enjoyed this. Just FYI, Joyce Thacker is Director of Children's Services at Rotherham, not a councillor.