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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Linkage for Thursday, 8th November 2012

Just because you’re winning around Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity doesn’t mean you’re winning around America excellent from @DPJHodges

If she's such a fan of CSI, how come she didn't seem to know the basics about forensics and investigation techniques?!

Why Nate Silver Won, And Why It Matters

Oh, Lovely: This Voting Machine in Pennsylvania Isn't Accepting Votes for Obama

The GOP thought that the rhetoric and positioning of 1980 and 1984 could win again in the America of 2012.

Hurrah for Colorado! 57% vote to legalise and regulate marijuana like alcohol.

Was this advert complaining how little money Lambeth council have been given by the govt paid out of council funds?

Not sure why Guido is defending the tabloids on Savile: (my comment here:

Labour's return to the right | John Kampfner | Comment is free | The Guardian

Google expects Apple to block its not crap iOS maps app • The Register

To promote the living wage, we need to reform the tax system

The living wage is fine as far as it goes, but the Lib Dems can be bolder via @libdemvoice

This latest Tory rebellion was not just cynical, it was completely bogus | Andrew Rawnsley | Comment is free | The…

Should Alice marry Bob? » The Spectator

Program Your Own Mind 2: Avon and Somerset PCCs - Variety and choice!

Mitt Romney's narrow paths to the White House » Spectator Blogs

We need the right to recall MPs more than ever - Spot on. The government needs to fulfill its commitment on this

I saw the police violence at Orgreave. It's time for the truth to come out | Ken Capstick | Comment is free |…

An open letter to Melanie Phillips

We’re All A Package Of Good And Not-So-Good Attributes - Chris Bowers - Dale and Co.

Howzat?! Charlotte Henry takes down one of her critics in forensic fashion

BMJ Group blogs: Journal of Medical Ethics blog » Blog Archive » All Right, Peter: I’ll Bite


Even a superstorm is no excuse for journalists not to check Twitter trolling | Heidi Moore

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