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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Linkage for Sunday, 11th November 2012

The big lesson from the US election is not a new one, but a very old one - Andrew Rawnsley

Debunking Two Nate Silver Myths | Good Math, Bad Math

So much the "liberal bias" in the US media. If anything the polls were biased in favour of the GOP:

Doing politics in plain sight | Shifting Grounds - Excellent piece on how politicians need to speak in plainer language from Emma Burnell

Excellent take down of The Daily Mail by Martin Robbins - From recent The Pod Delusion 3rd birthday party bash that I sadly couldn't attend in the end.

What You Can Get Away With (Nick Barlow's blog) » Blog Archive » Thoughts on internal elections

David Cameron, Phillip Schofield and mob justice in the age of the internet – Telegraph Blogs

Burn them! Burn the funny-looking, the strange, the loners! They might be paedos! All of them! – Telegraph Blogs - Dan Hodges is increasing in my estimations as a columnist. This piece is an example of how good he can be,

Heresy Corner: A prophetess named Janet - Heresiarch on Janet Daley's delusions

Phillip Schofield's List shows the danger of treating internet rumours as news

The way we look at women is worrying, even when it's women doing the looking - Deborah Orr

Is Tom Watson in danger of fuelling a new paedophile panic?

++ SHOCK! HORROR! LIB DEM MP CAUGHT UP IN NEW EXPENSES ROW! via @libdemvoice - Stephen Tall exposes a non-story from the Manchester Evening News

Victory for Pot Means Beginning of the End of Our Crazy Drug War - The Daily Beast

The end of the Tea Party? - I reeeally hope so!

Interesting to see for all the fuss about "Joe The Plumber" in 2008, when he stood as a candidate in 2012 he got thrashed

And finally: Ladies and gentlemen. We've all been waiting for it. I give you the Mitt Romney Butt Plug:

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