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Monday, 26 January 2009

Brown not answering the question

Lee Griffin had a good post yesterday about Brown not answering most of the hostile questions put to him during PMQs and his habit of responding with another question. I have found this very annoying myself, especially given that he has used the excuse that PMQs exists as a way of avoiding a proper debate at election time (although it is looking like this might happen now as he will have little to lose).

Anyway, LabourBoy responded to him and then an interesting an actually very constructive debate followed on LabourBoy's blog here.

My view is that questions should be answered properly unless there is a very good reason. "We think it is frivolous" is not a good enough reason in my view and betrays the arrogance of having been in power for too long.

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Labourboy said...

Spread the word - a constructive debate took place on a blog! :)