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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Obama's Inauguration

Well, apart from the initial fluffed lines (how long before someone claims he is not really President because he said the words in a different order to those said to him?) I thought the ceremony went very well today.

I agree with Iain Dale that it was not his best speech by any stretch but perhaps that was deliberate as there needs to be some serious expectation management after all the hype.

It is so good that as of 17:05 UTC that bumbling right-wing idiot is no longer the President of the USA and we can hopefully finally get some progress and solid leadership on issues like climate change.

I don't envy President Obama's (it feels great to type that!) inbox but of all the candidates we saw paraded in front of us at various points over the last two years, I am sure that the American people have chosen the right one to lead them and the world through this tricky time.

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Certainly, he's better looking that old Bush so gives him considerable more charm.

But whether he makes those changes promised remains to be seen.