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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

BBC Mastermind result

Following my poll asking you to help me decide the subjects I should choose for BBC Mastermind (they make you choose all 4 subjects prior to application in case you get through to the final) the results are now in.

Over 200 of you voted selecting the subjects you like the sound of best (each person could vote multiple times):

There are obviously a lot of Sci-fi/comedy fans amongst you! I was particularly disappointed with the poor showing for "Friends". I think this might actually be my best topic. Other people have suggested that some of my topics, e.g. the politics ones are too broad and I might want to consider narrowing them.

Anyway, I will fill in the application soon. Hopefully I will get through!



Paul Walter said...

If you think Friends is your best topic then I would go for it. Often I notice that people do best if they choose narrow topics. The two Politics time periods are very wide topics. Friends is a bit narrower and more manageable.

Mark Reckons said...

Paul. I had a friend of mine put me through my paces and I only got one out of about 8 pretty obscure Friends questions wrong.

I will have to see how good I am on the other ones too!

Cardinal Richelieu's mole said...

Let the record show that I, trying to save you from yourself, voted thrice for all the non-political options.

The risk you run could crystallise into hazard if some fair politics question nonetheless elicits a wrong answer from you - to be replayed endlessly on YouTube to embarrass and undermine you if your life turns out badly and you end up a prominent Lib Dem MP. Ho hum!

Swiss Bob said...

Red Dwarf will provide the most entertainment and watching the reruns for study the least pain.

daniel said...

Well 'toffee', I find myself amazed that you are such a Friends fan! I never knew.... I think the advice regarding 'narrow' topics should be heeded. Good luck mate!
Your cuz Dan.