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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Top 20 Lib Dem Twitterers

Iain Dale did a list of the top 20 Labour and Conservative Twitterers this morning. I thought we Lib Dems deserved our own list for comparison. I went through the list of Twitter accounts listed on the "Tweets" page of the Lib Dem Blogs aggregator and pulled out the top 20 (in terms of followers).

Here we go:

1. Lib Dems 7,692
2. Nick Clegg 7,199
3. Jo Swinson 2,666
4. Vince Cable 2,399
6. Alan Belmore 2,030
7. Toran Shaw 1,607
8. Mark Pack 1,580
9. Lib Dem Voice 1,547
10. Phil Willis 1,359
11. Lembit Opik 1,301
13. Susan Kramer 1,253
14. Jonathan Fryer 1,245
15. Will Howells 1,094
16. Andy Reeves 1,013
20. Norman Lamb 923

If you think you have been unjustly missed from this list please let me know and I will update it. If you aren't on the Lib Dem Blogs Twitter list then you won't be here so get yerself added!

As Mark Pack (or number 8 as he will henceforth be known) has already pointed out on Twitter, this is just purely based on follower numbers which is a debateable measure but I have stuck with the same method that Iain has used for comparative purposes.

UPDATE: Stephen Glenn has commented asking if he is in position 21 just outside the chart and indeed he is! This is becoming something of a meme with Stephen regularly just missing the cut in various charts so I thought I'd include a link to his twitter feed here to compensate for his rotten luck. He is definitely worth following!


David said...

Number of followers only tells part of the story. It depends a lot on how many people you follow:
How many twitter followers should you have?
It's probably best to rank with some sort of Twitter network analysis

Stephen Glenn said...

LOL let me guess as I'm at 890 approx I'm sat at number 21 and just outside the chart as always :)

Mark Thompson said...

Stephen - yes you are! I have updated the main post to include a link to your twitter feed as compensation.

Stephen Glenn said...

Well in that case I'll just assume the Stephen Glenn position with pride :)

Unknown said...

Just realised you missed off @liberalyouth, at 956 followers.