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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I am standing in a council by-election

I am standing as a candidate in a local town and borough council by-election here in Owlsmoor, Sandhurst for the Lib Dems. The election is on the 25th February and was called following the sad death of councillor Ray Simonds.

I did tweet about this a couple of weeks ago but did not want to blog until the candidate list was officially announced which it now has been. I am intending to do some blogposts about how the campaign is going over the next few weeks.

It is the first time I have stood for elected office and I am finding the whole process so far fascinating. I have already had some pictures done (see above right for an example with our local PPC Ray Earwicker) and we have produced an election focus leaflet with my name and face all over it. That was a bit surreal at first but I am getting used to it!

I spent a good few hours canvassing last weekend and generally got a very welcome reception. Lots of people I spoke to said that they have not seen their Conservative councillors for years (they dominate the local councils) and certainly not between elections. I find this quite odd as I know from Lib Dem councillors in neighbouring constituencies that they are always out and about knocking on doors and speaking to people. That's certainly the sort of councillor I would be if I was to be elected.

Anyway I will keep you updated as to how it all goes between now and the 25th...

Oh and any help from any Lib Dems who can get over this way would be greatly appreciated! Drop me an e-mail if you can.


Oranjepan said...

Wow, good luck!

Given the age of many local councillors in the area and the rate at which they seem to drop it might be fair to say they haven't been elected for their ability to connect with the public.

But given the average length of their tenures I think you may be able to apply your safe seat theory too.

He's not in your borough (or the same party), but you may like to read this

Mark Pack said...

Good luck!

Kalvis Jansons said...

I would vote for you!

Unknown said...

Excellent stuff! Good luck!

Harry Hayfield said...

Here's the result from last time (note, no Lib Dem in 2007 so your vote will be an instant Lib Dem increase on 2007)

Alex said...

Best of luck!

Are you going to continue blogging if you get elected?

Anonymous said...

Did I ever tell you about the time psycho was a candidate in a council election ?



Byrnetofferings said...

Good luck losing (as I totally have to be tribal.)