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Friday, 26 February 2010

Owlsmoor - second in both Town and Borough by-elections

The result was announced last night of the Owlsmoor by-elections. I didn't win either of them, instead the Conservatives retained both seats. We did however come second.

Now that we have had the result, I will blog more fully about my experiences in my first campaign to run for elected office soon but in the meantime here are the results:

Owlsmoor (Sandhurst Town Council):

Peter Martin FORBES (Green Party): 50
Guy Alexander GILLBE (Labour): 124
Ian James SIMMONS (UKIP): 112
Mark James THOMPSON (Liberal Democrats): 201
Philip WALLINGTON (Conservative Party): 453

Owlsmoor (Bracknell Forest Borough Council):

Norman William BOWERS (Conservative Party): 508
Peter Martin FORBES (Green Party): 66
Guy Alexander GILLBE (Labour): 126
Mark James THOMPSON (Liberal Democrats): 238

Congratulations to Philip Wallington and Norman Bowers.


Oranjepan said...

Commiserations - I hope you had a drink afterwards.

It sets you up for a solid challenge next time!

Any thoughts on the strengths and weakness of the campaign which you'd like to share?

Letters From A Tory said...

Your humble acceptance of the result does you credit.

Ewan Hoyle said...

I hope you enjoyed it though and look forward to your take on the process.

Unknown said...

Hi Mark,

Better luck next time.

Do you know (roughly) how many people are eligible to vote in these local elections for the Omlsmoor ward?

Anonymous said...

Bad luck, but it's a good result all things considered. These Tories really are the pearls of my anus.

Keep at it, and maybe next time?

The Great Simpleton said...

Commiserations but looking at those numbers I suspect you were always on to a hiding to nothing.

Ollie Cromwell said...

Well done for pushing Labour into 3rd place. A great result :-)