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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Other Reckonings - 25th May 2010

  • Charlotte Gore seems to have a problem with Ikea tables.
  • Lib Dem Voice have details of the 23 Lib Dem policies that have made it into The Queen's Speech. Or 22 if you discount the referendum on AV which was not actually Lib Dem policy, but still, 22 aint bad for a kick-off.
  • The Fink wonders why some Labour leadership candidates are holding back with their nominations and I am inclined to agree. Have they not heard of the Big Mo!?
  • Alix Mortimer has a suggestion for a future attendee at Lib Dem Conference which I second.

Tuesday bonus: Whilst I was working today I was listening to some music on Spotify and one of the tracks I heard reminded me of this gem from a couple of years ago which is a version of Aha's "Take on me" with the lyrics changed to match exactly what is happening in the classic but when you actually watch it, rather bizarre video. Enjoy:

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