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Monday, 1 October 2012

Chuka's hypocrisy

Chuka UmunnaJust heard up and coming Labour shadow minister Chuka Umunna on The World at One being grilled about Labour's announcement that there will have to be further cuts if they win power in 2015.

Under questioning from Martha Kearney he pointed out that they would be making the cuts because "they have no choice".

Yet Chuka has been at the head of the queue previously denouncing the "ideological" cuts of the coalition government.

So, just so we're clear, when Labour cuts it's because they are forced to but when the coalition does it, it's because they're evil ideologues.

Got that?



Anonymous said...

He also confused the deficit with the debt until corrected by Kearney but coming from a Labour spokesman drivel is drivel however you try and phrase it.

Anonymous said...

this is a blog post for Polly "Tuscany" Toynbee whose hyperbole and hypocrisy knows no ends