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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Mark Reckons - July 2009 STATPORN

My stats for July are a bit down on the previous month again. However I blogged less due to work commitments ramping up to my holiday in the next couple of weeks and as Stephen on LDV has suggested I think interest has been a bit lower generally in political blogs after the excitement of May (expenses) and June (expenses and elections/cabinet resignations etc.) has subsided.

I had 8,771 Pageviews from 7,151 Visits and a total of 4,942 Absolute Unique Visitors.

My top 5 blog posts were:

Top 5 referring sites were:

1,321 visits came from search engines and the top 5 search terms were:

1) sarah palin scandal (109)
2) mark reckons (75)
3) palin scandal (55)
4) sarah palin (45)
5) emily apple (30)

My imminent 2 week holiday will likely mean lower figures in August although I will be cueing up some posts to be published whilst I am away.

I am also currently researching a few things which I am hoping will lead to interesting blog posts in late August/September.

À Bientôt!

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