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Saturday, 22 August 2009

This week I have been mostly reading... 15th - 21st August 2009

Saturday 15th August

Charlotte Gore tried to find some common ground in the intense debate regarding the NHS.

Sunday 16th August

In a piece that demonstrates her evident passion for the institution, Caron warned us not to mess with the NHS.

Darrell on Moments of Clarity said that the "Brown" problem won't go away until something is done. He means Michael Brown, not Gordon.

Sharpe's Opinion had an excellent fisk of Gordon Brown's open letter to the #WeLoveTheNHS tweeters.

Monday 17th August

Mark Pack speculated on a radical new business model for The Independent newspaper.

Constantly Furious took Peter Mandelson to task for his Stone Age ideas about how to handle the internet and copyright.

Tuesday 18th August

Letters From a Tory wrote to his readers asking whether Wikio is worth worrying about. There is a good debate in the comments below it also.

Wednesday 19th August

Cicero's Songs in a typically brilliantly written piece felt a sense of forboding upon his return home.

Thursday 20th August

Peter Black AM writing on Freedom Central bemoaned the failure of joined up government and asked why should Credit Unions be forced to bail out the banks to the tune of £8.5 million? It inspired this post from me and this from Ali Goldsworthy - there's still time to join the campaign and for you to act before the 1st of September!

Caron again with a great post on the Megrahi decision and its aftermath.

Friday 21st August

I was busy packing to head off to the V festival this weekend (where I am now) so did not get the chance to read many blog posts for Friday - sorry!

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