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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Wikio rankings for August 2009

My blog has apparently jumped another 10 places in the August Wikio rankings to supposedly be the 17th most influential political blog in the country (21st most influential across all blogs) according to Charlotte Gore's sneak preview. I think that's correct - I have had to strip out the non-political ones manually from the preview.

I also think this puts me in the number 2 position in the Lib Dem Blogs Wikio list now behind Lib Dem Voice. As usual I feel I should pretty heavily caveat this with the fact that Wikio use a specific algorithm with incoming links weighted according to the ranking of the source in a sort of self-reinforcing cycle. I don't for one minute think I actually have more influence than all of those I am above in this list.

I won't be around when the official rankings come out in the next couple of days (I sail to the land of £3 per MB internet access on my iPhone tomorrow - in other words not using it!) which is why I am jumping the gun a bit with this post now.

Once again, thanks to everyone who reads this blog and has linked to it!


Kalvis Jansons said...

The problem with rankings, like shares, they can go down as well as up.

Good progress though!

Mark Wadsworth said...

That is excellent progress. Well done.

Except you're in the wrong party, obviously.