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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Jack of Kent and Skipper on House of Comments Podcast - Episode 14

The latest "House of Comments" podcast with myself and Stuart Sharpe of the Sharpe's Opinion political blog is now live. The website for the podcasts is here and the fourteenth episode which we recorded on Tuesday 9th Feb is available to download via this page here (raw mp3 file here if you prefer). You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here. Or you can listen to it right now here:

The format is to invite one or two other political bloggers each week and discuss a few of the stories that are making waves in the blogosphere.

This week we were joined by Allen Green, convenor of Westminster Skeptics who also blogs at "Jack of Kent" largely on legal issues and Bill Jones, Professor of Politics at Liverpool Hope University who blogs at Skipper.

We discussed the Simon Singh libel case appeal which is scheduled for next week and more widely about the libel reform movement, Joanne Cash and the problem of perceived parachuted in parliamentary candidates, we asked if great campaigning (and the related skills most likely to get you into parliament) is really the best grounding for ministerial office, Gordon Brown's ITV1 interview with Piers Morgan and an assessment of the Twitter "outrages" of the week.

If you are a political blogger and would like to participate in the future, please drop me an e-mail here.

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