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Thursday, 18 February 2010

BBC Question Time Live Chat - 18th February 2010 - #bbcqt

It's #bbcqt day again and as usual the Live Chat on this blog will start tonight at 10:30pm.

The panel will include the veteran Labour politician Lord Hattersley, the former deputy governor of a province of occupied Iraq and prospective Conservative parliamentary candidate Rory Stewart (who also tried to become the Tory candidate in my constituency of Bracknell) , the Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone, the economist and former head of policy at the Institute of Directors Ruth Lea and the actor and novelist Tom Conti.

Join us from 10:30pm below:


Anonymous said...

I wish to express an unbiased view of the issue regarding the closure of steel works at Middlesborough.
1. ultimate ownershipresponsibility of the steelworks is TATA - which is an indian company which Rajendra Pachauri is a key player - he wants to transfer more steel production to india - less constraints under co2 regulation and financial benefit from UK funding of dismantling production in uk and transfer to india - this is factual just look at the internet - Tata knows how to manipulate and advantagesise itself under the Co2 capping scheme - the losers as always are the workers not the political encumbants be it UK or India most honorable (RH) representatives

Anonymous said...

To BBC Question Time: I tried to leave a comment on your site, but my location - Southport - could not be validated. Tom Conti's remark regarding "civilised" actions of the coalition forces as opposed to "Russians, who didn't care whom they killed" made me sick. For his information US waged a war against communism and lured SU into Afghanistan using it as a theatre, according to the US ex-Secretary of State Bsezinsky. CIA were busy setting up Al-Qaeda cells and training camps in Pakistan, while UK provided asylum to radical muslim clerics and air hijackers. The Soviet goals of war were explained to the people in similar terms as now - fighting terrorism, drugs and Vakhabism. There were plenty of West-armed militants for the Soviets to fight with. And if Soviets indeed did not care who they killed they had a chance to win the war. But anyway in any case Russians DO NOT KILL CIVILIANS, has Tom Conti heard of World War II?