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Monday, 17 May 2010

Nominate your Lib Dem peers

Lib Dem Voice have a post today discussing the likelihood of the coalition nominating 172 peers, 95 of which would likely be Lib Dems.

I know there are strong arguments against doing this given our policy on the House of Lords and if it goes ahead as reported I expect it will only be a short term adjustment until the second chamber is elected. A fairly robust debate is ongoing on the post linked to above along these lines so if you want to discuss the merits or otherwise of doing this please go there.

However, here I thought we could just focus on which Lib Dems you would like to see in the House of Lords.

I'll start the ball rolling:

Sue Doughty: She is a remarkable campaigner who was MP for Guildford between 2001 and 2005. She fought valiantly to try and regain the seat from Anne Milton in the election this year but sadly it was not to be. She is missed in the Commons and I think her wealth of experience would be welcomed in the upper chamber.

Which Lib Dems do you think should be donning ermine imminently?


Andrew Hickey said...


Dave Page, who's been active in more liberal (small *and* large L) campaigns than any three other people I know over the last five years, from the Open Rights Group and Free Software Foundation to NO2ID to DELGA to... and who would bring some actual technical knowledge to the Lords.

Evan Harris, had he not said he didn't want it.

Ian Eiloart said...

Evan Harris, if he'd take it as a temporary appointment.

Lorna Dupré said...

Sal Brinton, if she wants it. A wealth of experience and talent.

ceedee said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to state, just in case there's any doubt, that I'd be available at short notice to take on such a vital and stimulating role should you delightful LibDems consider it appropriate to widen the political backgrounds of temporary peers.

Or of course, you simply run out of suitable party candidates.

Mrs B said...

Me - and I promise to vote for abolition of the existing House of Lords and for a fully elected (by PR) second chamber.
I'm sure I'm just as capable of doing the job as say, a bishop, or a hereditary peer. Or a middle aged white man.

Dale said...

Matthew Taylor for his long service, he certainly wouldn't be a full time peer but his experience and commitment is unquestionable

Harry Hayfield said...

I would nominate the following people:

All the incumbent Liberal Democrat MP's defeated in 2010, All the notionally incumbent Liberal Democrat MP's defeated in 2010, All the Liberal Democrat candidates seeking to replace incumbent Liberal Democrat MP's in 2010 but did not and finally all the Liberal Democrat MP's who stood down in 2010 on one condition: They all vow to vote for the creation of a second chamber elected by PR and that they will stand for election for that chamber.

Unknown said...

Jennie Rigg for a start. We need people in public life who don't conform to the expected stereotypes and who understand what real life is like.

Sandra Gidley

Julia Goldsworthy

Bridget Fox

Katy Gordon

Claire Kelley

Sarah Carr

Susan Kramer

Sal Brinton

Are you detecting a theme here? I'd also agree with you on Sue Doughty. There is a proviso on this in that a couple of years' service in the Lords will not preclude them from standing for the Commons in the future.

I think an all female list would help to give women within the party a profile for the future and do something to sort out our gender balance issues.

From Scotland I would include the likes of Sandra Grieve, Judy Hayman, Kate Dean, Eleanor Anderson all of whom have fabulous expertise they could bring to the second chamber.

Whether they would want to give up their lives to become lobby fodder for a couple of years is debatable, tough.

Andy said...

David Rendel for his continued activism

Andy said...

Oh I forgot Peter Brand - ex Isle of Wight MP. For his sense of humour and shaking the tree

Ian Ridley said...

Bearnard Greaves

burkesworks said...

Another shout for #jennieforbaroness here, for much the same reasons Caron states.

Jeanette Sunderland; because she gets things done and knows how to run winning campaigns.

Bridget Fox; for all her good work against the Digital Economy Bill.

Evan, subject to whether he wants it.

And don't forget that Lord Bonkers of Market Harborough has the right sort of ring to it, and he'd be marvellous on railways, architecture and the British film industry!

Mike said...

David Howarth, Phil Willis, Shami Chakrabarti