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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Exit poll - Conservative minority, Lib Dems on LESS seats than now!

Just seen the BBC/ITV/Sky exit poll. It says:

Con: 307
Lab: 255
Lib Dem: 59
Others: 29

Which if right would put Cameron as the leader of the largest single party but 19 seats short of an overall majority.


I am not totally clear on the methodology they have used for this exit poll. The fact that it has the Lib Dems on 59 seats, 4 less than the party has right now seems pretty odd given how the election campaign has gone. Adam Boulton said as much just now on Sky implying that the picture might well change as the results come in.

I expect the Lib Dems will get more seats than that but as I blogged earlier I think it is likely that we will end up in hung parliament territory.

Don't forget, the last time things were very close (1992) the exit poll got it very wrong!

Let's see how things pan out as the results start to roll in.

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Matt Wardman said...

Ahem. FEWER seats.