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Friday, 9 October 2009

Constantly Furious does it again

I've not got much time right now although there are several things on the tip of my blogging tongue. However I do have time to post a link to Constantly Furious' post about the post office workers from yesterday.

Sometimes I agree with CF and sometimes I don't but he always makes me laugh with his turns of phrase. In the linked post he spends some time berating the union's attitude but what made me laugh was his final line where he gives some advice as to what should be done:

Just take the f**king letters out of the sack, and put them through the holes in the doors, right?


1 comment:

Constantly Furious said...

Since posting that, I've been approached by the Royal Mail, who want to use that on the first page of their new training manuals. ;-)

Cheers for linkin'