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Friday, 23 October 2009

"Gordon Brown resign" petition closes with 72,000+ signatures

The "Gordon Brown resign" petition which was still in No 1 position for live petitions yesterday has now closed with 72,222 signatures. It is now in the top 10 of all time petitions. As we all know, these petitions generally reflect much wider opinion but I think it is a decent snapshot of those who think for whatever reason that he should no longer be our Prime Minister.

Indeed it is notable that despite all his rhetoric, it had been announced today that the UK is still in recession. The only developed economy still to be in that position. This just underlines for me that even on the one thing Brown is supposed to be experienced on, the economy, he has utterly failed.

I just wanted to say congratulations to Kalvis Jansons, the organiser of the petition. I know he worked tirelessly to promote the it and I think the fact it was top of the live petitions for so long and achieved so many signatures is a sure sign that he tapped into a strong feeling across the country.

The is some MSM coverage of the closing of the petition here and here.


Kalvis Jansons said...

Thank you!

Now we have to wonder how long it will be until Mr Brown replies, or if he will at all.

If he does reply, I think we can guess the sort of thing he will say.

Many thanks for your help in keeping up interest in this petition, and, of course, thank you to all of your readers who signed it.

It did well considering it only had a few weeks before the expenses stories started.

marksany said...

Let me predict the response:

"there are 20 million adults using the Internet in the UK. The fact that 99.64% of those people did not sign this petition is a ringing endorsement for our wonderful
PM, who, do not forget, has saved the world. The 0.36% of the population who signed this petiton will shortly be arrested an interred under anti-terrorist legislation. We know where you live.