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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Will David Nutt be listened to by Alan Johnson?

Professor David Nutt has made some more comments today about the relative harm of drugs including alcohol and tobacco and has accused politicians of distorting and devaluing the debate. It sounds like he agrees wholeheartedly with me! Perhaps I should see if he will do a guest post for this blog....

Anyway, I have written a more detailed article about this including the media coverage and questioned whether Alan Johnson will turn out to be any more sensible on this subject than Jacqui Smith was in one of my regular pieces for Left Foot Forward today.

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devolute said...

Well, firstly Johnson can't be any less sensible than Smith. That's simply not possible.

That said, I still think this issue will be ignored and passed off as the moans of a few pot-smoking hippies. It is a shame, because in reality this issue should be about providing young people with accurate information with which to make choices. Inaccurate information on cannabis etc. just means that young people won't listen to advice on the more (much more) dangerous drugs.