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Monday, 28 December 2009

David Cameron contradicts himself in the same sentence

I've been away for a few days relaxing over Christmas so I am just catching up with the political news. Apparently David Cameron has released a new year message where he appears to be trying to "love bomb" potential Liberal Democrat voters. He says:

I don't think we should invent differences where there aren't differences. There are many more areas where Liberal Democrats and Conservatives agree and that's a good thing but we need to have a decisive election. A hung Parliament would be bad for Britain, would be bad for the sort of strong united determined leadership that we need, but we shouldn't invent differences where they don't exist.

I have highlighted the most brazen bit. So he reckons there are loads and loads and loads of areas where the Lib Dems and Tories agree. If he truly believes that then how can he possibly consider a hung parliament to be such a bad thing? Surely his bestest buddies the Lib Dem MPs who agree with loads and loads and loads of his policies will be queueing up to vote for them in the division lobbies?

This is a pathetic and transparent attempt to peel off Lib Dem voters. He must think the British public are stupid. He has of course tried this sort of thing before too.

Also, as Liberal Neil points out, this "tactic" (if you can even call it that) could easily backfire for Cameron as it will make it easier for Lib Dems to persuade wavering Tory voters to vote Lib Dem.

Look, even Dave says it's OK!


Arnie said...

This 'contradiction' is such a load of rubbish!

I don't see what is contradictory about saying the Tories and Lib Dems agree in a lot of areas, yet saying a decisive election is important.

Just think about it, what would you prefer? To share power with someone you agree with on some issues (but disagree on others)? Or to have complete control yourself? Exactly.

Mark Thompson said...

Arnie - Because it very strongly suggests that he doesn't believe what he has said in the first half of his sentence.

Your last paragraph highlights exactly what he's up to. He wants to have complete control himself and part of how he wants to achieve this is by trying to get some Lib Dem voters to vote for him. After that he will do whatever he likes irrespective of the views of the Lib Dems. Like I said, transparent.

Unknown said...

Indeed it is transparent to you, I and most other political hacks. That was most of the point. He wanted exactly this reaction from you and other Lib Dem activists, and especially from the party.

Such a reaction will put off voters switching from Tory to Lib Dem, but much less likely to stop those Lib Dem voters thinking of changing to the Conservatives.

Remember the Conservatives need 20-odd seats from the Lib Dems to get a majority at the election.

I've written in more detail here

John said...

Do you really think those people go through loads of blogs to get a reaction.

Best way to deal with Cameron is to carry on delivering leaflets with Vince Cable on them a lot - oh, and make em punchy quoting Cameron himself.

Oranjepan said...

I'm tempted to write a big long essay on the balance between power and purpose, but there's not much I can add to the truism that a balance is necessary.